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I am Karen Garley,

a Certified Professional Midwife

The dance of each mother and baby is unique and beautiful. A midwife patiently attends with a believing heart and gentle watchfulness. The blend of art and science. As the dance unfolds, she is the guardian of normal birth.

In 2002 I started assisting certified professional midwives in home and birth center settings, while also attending birthing women as a doula and pregnancy massage specialist. This has provided a rich background of experiences to bring to midwifery clients.

I completed my apprenticeship as a midwife in 2012 and received my Certified Professional Midwife credential in 2013.

My husband and I have 3 grown sons, wonderful daughters in law and delightful grandchildren! We live in Stillwater. I serve women and their families in MN and WI.

I wish you great joy!!



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